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Soups: While vermillion-coloured borsch, served piping hot with a dollop of creamy mayonnaise and code promo ecotour 2018 vegetarians beware hunk of beef for additional flavouring, is almost ubiquitous and should be sampled at least once, there are plenty of other soups to try.
Another drink to look out for (more frequently to be found in shops and homes then restaurants) is kefir, a rather cadeau photo sour drink made of fermented milk.Tous vos ustensiles de cuisine à prix cassés sur.Obviously you have to know what kinds of mushrooms are safe to eat, so don't try this for yourself without expert local guidance.Today it's not difficult to buy imported tropical fruits in mid-winter, or sea fish in shops thousands of miles from the nearest maritime coastline.In summer try okroshka, a cold soup based on fermented stock and heavily influenced by dill and other green herbs.Welcome, cuisine, like many aspects of a trip to Russia, the quality and variety of the local cuisine is likely to come as a pleasant surprise for the visitor, and not only because of the preconceived notions and low expectations most visitors are likely.Salads: There are several traditional salads you'll find on menus, but if you're lactose intolerant be aware that these tend to be smothered in mayonnaise and you may be better off opting for a non-traditional caesar or plain green salad.There are many berry and fruit-based drinks, such as sok (a weak and watery juice made from a range of different fruits mors (cranberry juice kompot (fruits boiled with sugar, then left to cool and drunk with the fruits still present in the juice oblepikha.Look out forshchi, a plain cabbage soup which can be enhanced with various additions such as meat, vegetables and herbs; rassolnik, a cucumber-based soup; and solyanka, which is typically thicker and more heavily flavored than the others and can include either meat or fish.Bonnes affaires et prix bas sont à portée de clic!
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The rigours of the climate mean that many dishes are warming winter soups and stews, but there is also a large amount of seasonal variety, including cold soups and salads in summer (often covered in mayonnaise and many restaurants and cafes also offer a Lent.Soft drinks: There are a number of non-alcoholic drinks in Russia based on traditional recipes which you won't find elsewhere.Never miss out on a great deal again.Vous avez aussi accès à nos différents guides et avis d'internautes si vous souhaitez plus de détails sur un produits.Like gazpacho, it can be a tasty and refreshing start to lunch on a hot summer's day.But on menus do look out for mushroom julien, usually served with smetana (sour cream) in small iron pots, and, particularly from late summer, chanterelles, ceps, porcini, oyster and other varieties in salads and soups, stuffed and pickled.

St Petersburg's location on the Baltic should mean some great seafood options, although these are not as widely available as you might expect.