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Concours mode

This remedies a peeve from the prior unit, which required removing a hand from the control to press the button in the dash (which is still there by the way, the Mode Select trigger is just more convenient).
The new ktrc (Kawasaki Traction Control) does offer on-the-fly adjustment ON and OFF via the left handlebar-mounted button.
Sounds like a winning formula.Now complete, our 31,000 square foot facility is equipped with state of the art equipment.One last 2010 doo-dad to cover is the all-new ECO Mode.Riders cant disable the ABS entirely, but instead choose from two adjustments that control the rear-to-front effect.The right side at the bottom fairing was the worst spot, which blasted hot air right on settlers online redeem voucher codes the riders leg in near Buell-like fashion (yikes, lets not say things we cant take back).But the big story this year are those touring improvements.The 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 is an upgrade over its predecessor thanks to improved handling and more touring creature comforts, not to mention production traction control.Further testing will be required before we can give a definitive answer to the ECO conundrum, except to chastise Kawasakis marketing department for not calling it the much cooler ECO System.This expansion has increased our local capabilities allowing us to offer complete new build construction directly at our Puebla facility while still maintaining our engineering changes and maintenance capabilities.
ZX-14 motor and dubbed it the Concours.The kipass system is back too and also updated with a supplemental credit-card sized fob ( for a full explanation see sidebar ).The effective krtc only enhances the safety factor.Opened in July 2010, originally intended as an engineering changes and repairs facility, our Mexico operation has recently undergone a major expansion.The point of Kawasakis first TC system isnt to push the limits, like a roadracing application, but to add traction on suspect surfaces.Blistering engine heat, particularly at idle.The.6 inch-taller fix doesnt eliminate the defect entirely, as the placement of the saddlebags seem as much the cause, yet the bags do fill less space overall.The front to back linkage effect is identical in both modes.A reliable stopping system is critical on the big, heavy Kawi (our 2009 C14 test unit topped the scales with a curb weight of 689 lbs).Tire wear is hinted as the greatest contributor to the C14s poor 2009 handling traits and the new tires with a thicker rubber on the front seems the likeliest reason for 10 improvement.