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But the 25 year-old is upbeat and happy about his little robot and hopes it will be a useful thing for mankind.
"A small motorcycle has huge advantages over a car" explains the tall, lanky Levandowski in the small, cluttered laboratory at a UC Berkeley research facility, "you can drive it indoors, you can pick it up, you can drop it from a helicopter." A motorcycle, with.He said he was used to seeing it, after spending so many hours working on the project, but that "It's rewarding to see you were able to build something that everybody told you "don't build it, it can't be done.We have just improved this discussion forum and expect the number of users to increase.Already in Afghanistan Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and 45-pound "Packbots" from iRobot (who make the "Roomba" automatic vacuum cleaner) assist ground troops in such missions as reconnaissance and searching caves.The team rightly predicted that no one would be able to complete the challenge in 2004, so they could develop their project over two years.Levandowski is modest about his achievements, but I was very impressed by the planning, long hours and passion that went into a project that had pretty depressing results.
In between the roaring, zipper-like sounds they can hear the putting of single-cylinder motorcycle engines.
Sensory input is provided completely by a traction réduction travel2be sensor and a pair of cameras mounted like eyes on special self-stabilizing gimbals above the steering head.
However, as camera and computer technology progresses, the future might see robotic vehicles safely traveling much faster than even the most reckless teenager.And as cameras and processors get better, robots will be able to see better and farther than humans."The hardest part was building fear into it says Levandowski, holding up a pair of damaged front wheels from a pile at one end of the lab.Moto Guzzi, suzuki, triumph, ural, yamaha, copyright by.s."Even a single five mph crash can seriously damage a car, but we have over 800 crashes on one prototype." Also, a motorcycle can go places a larger vehicle can't, which could be a useful tool for firefighters and rescue workers.