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Secure storage for your classic car in Europe with access to it at whichever location you choose within Europe.The events are supported by an army of volunteers and a core team of judges who don their pristine white coats to run their gloved fingers along spotless paintwork and peer into the inner recesses where specks of dirt may reside, despite the best efforts.Clients: Adrien Rovero (DesignerCH).For more information about how to enter your car, how to be a concours judge or to volunteer to help at any of the events, please contact.Biennale de la Commune de Strassen (LU).Legend21 clients are: People who love travel and who want to discover Europe and share their experiences of driving classic cars on legendary racetracks with other like-minded classic car lovers; Collectors looking to buy classics cars; Investors: classic cars are considered as valuable investments today.Find the entire calendar of events online.
Generator 2016-now Harris Blondman, visual, communication, and studio.Since 1998, he is working as an independant graphic designer in Brussels (BE).En texte, en plans, en dessins et en photographies, Landing Gardens permet grand jeux concours de découvrir ou retrouver les 29 jardins de la 5e édition de Lausanne Jardins qui sest déroulée de juin à octobre 2014.Members cars can also be seen at non-amoc concours events around the world.Concours is an important part of the Clubs social calendar.Based on this passionate and exciting profile legend21 has designed exclusive VIP tours so that you can discover this extraordinary world in the most elegant and refined conditions that include: Exclusive tour packages Our classic car tours offer intense experiences in the most refined and elegant.Atelier Olivier Lamy, rue de Serbie 60, b-1190 Brussels, Belgium.Annabeth Rosen (ArtistUSA atelier A1: Marina Bautier, Big-Game, Benoit Deneufbourg, Nathalie Dewez, Diane Steverlynck, Sylvain Willenz (DesignersBE).Return on investment over 10 years 0, classic cars 0, wine 0, fine art 0, rare coins 0, jewellery 0, stamps 0, watches 0, chineese ceramics 0, antique furniture, other intersting article: Profits of Passion, FT Weekend Edition, by Teresa Levonian Sunday February 24, 2013.

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Casino Luxembourg Forum dart contemporain (LU).